Notes and Citations

1 The hairless red being was the Green Lantern and the demonic hordes were Khundins (also aliens).

2 While the newspaper on the opening of the 1st season DVDs show a date of September 12, 1993 (coinciding with the Pilot"s air date) for the saving of the Messenger shuttle, the episode Supermann establishes that the action taking place in the episode Neverending Battle (episode #c1) begins on May 7, 1993. Taking this as canon, Superman"s arrival in Metropolis most likely took place only one, possibly two weeks prior to this date. Additionally, in Man of Steel Bars, Jimmy Olsen notes that Superman was present and active the previous summer. Also Clark Kent was awarded his first Kerth in 1994 for work done in 1993. While possible, it is unlikely that Clark would have been nominated for the award after only three months at the Planet.

3 In the comics, Berkowitz was murdered during the ground-breaking ceremony for Hypersector, a massive urban renewal project in Suicide Slum, planned and financed by Lex Luthor. Berkowitz was succeeded by Bradford "Buck" Sackett. In Lois & Clark, no mention is made of Berkowitz"s fate, but the next mayor seen is Mayor Sharp - a change that appears to occur outside an election year. The mayor of the 4th season (1996-96) is unnamed, but in Twas The Night Before Mxymas, Lois mentions that the mayor had just had a baby.

4 The Pulitzer in the Real World

5 New York Press Club - the real world version of the Metropolis Press Club

6 The Baldy History of the Baldy.

7 In the comics, the Daily Planet publishes both a morning and evening edition. However, the work pattern seen on Lois & Clark is such that it could be either a morning or evening paper. There were several mentions in the first season and two in the second of an afternoon edition. However there are also scenes where the newsroom was expected to be empty - something unlikely to happen with a morning paper and impossible in a paper running both morning and afternoon editions.
In the Superman films there is no doubt the Daily Planet is a morning paper, but could also print an afternoon edition.

8 In the comics, the Daily Star is the Daily Planet's closest rival while the Metropolis Star is a separate and smaller paper.

9 Information from Metropolis - DC Database project.

10 The numbers in the original source material were way over blown with 300 radio stations, 100 Am and 200 FM.

Nitpicker's Notes: In Stop the Presses, Lois is promoted to managing editor. Her responsibility covers the editorial section of the newspaper. The problems in distribution was not her responsibility and she should not have gotten a call at home concerning it.

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