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Clark Kent: Birthdate - February 28, 1966, lives at 344 Clinton (1993-1997), has an Aunt Opal. Went to the Smallville High School senior prom with Rachel Harris. Was found in Shuster's field on May 17, 1966 by Martha and Jonathan Kent. Married Lois Lane on October 6, 1996.

Lois Lane: Birthdate: sometime in 1967, has one sister, Lucy. Has an Aunt Esther. Dated Paul Bender in college (boyfriend stolen by Linda King.) Was seduced by Claude ?? when first starting journalism career. Lived in Ireland for about a year as an exchange student. Attended Metropolis High School (mascot was Lions). Was class president during her senior year in HS. P.E. teacher was Miss Pomerantz - apparently Lois had issues with arriving in P.E. class in proper uniform.

Jimmy Olsen: Birthdate - February 15, 1974

Kyle Griffin: (The Prankster) Sent to prison sometime in 1988 on charge of illegal arms distribution thanks to Lois Lane's investigation into arms dealers (Griffin was the top of the list of 12 indicted). Paroled from San Quentin on 5/12/1993. Father: Edwin Griffin; Minion: Victor.

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